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Tour Guide Overview for 2016-2017

March 20, 2016 | Posted by

Do you know what the scholars will be studying at Catholic Schoolhouse in Year 3? Let me give you a brief introduction!

  • Religion: The Ten Commandments, Works of Mercy, Virtues, and Mary (poetry and the Rosary)
  • History: 1500’s to Present times
  • Science: Ecology, Geology, Physics, Nutrition & Health
  • Music: Handel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Strauss
  • Art: Renaissance to Modern Art
  • Geography: Basics review & Central America, South America, Africa, Antarctica
  • Greek and Latin vocabulary
  • Math: Skip counting, geometry-triangles, statistics, capacity conversions
  • Language Arts: parts of speech, sentence structure, composition, word usage, figures of speech


Grammar scholars will focus on covering all of the memory work in the Tour Guide. Dialectic scholars will cover the Tour Guide in a shorter amount of time per day and some subjects in greater depth (e.g., history, science, religion). Topics that are most likely mastered by the dialectic scholars already (e.g., parts of speech, skip counting) will not need to be covered during the co-op. Dialectic scholars will spend time discussing books and excerpts from important literary works from the time period that we are studying in the Tour Guide’s history timeline for that quarter.