Green Bay, WI

A Typical Day at Catholic Schoolhouse

We’re glad you’re here to learn about our chapter! Let me share with you what a typical day looks like for our Green Bay area chapter/community.

Our day begins together with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and chorus. The children then move into their academics where they learn and review memory work. Some levels have their science or art classes at this time.


Grammar class

We eat lunch as a group. The children and parents enjoy time together, having a break in the middle of our academic day to talk with friends. After lunch, the scholars continue with their memory work and/or have their art or science classes if they didn’t have it during the morning session.

Throughout the day, scholars continue to study and learn content from the Tour Guide, a helpful organizational tool that each family has, which shows the learning for each week, as well as gives an at-a-glance look at what is studied quarterly, and during the entirety of the year. This guide is a great aid in helping the homeschooling parent plan for their schooling at home.


Week 1 Tour Guide memory work page

Students learn about different types of music, a saint, and a featured work of art. Every third year, older grammar students learn more music through the basics of playing the recorder. Our year also focuses on developing virtues, with a new virtue introduced monthly, and the previous virtues reaffirmed throughout the year. For example, in December, we focused on the virtue of gratitude. In January, we focused on the virtue of courtesy.  Oftentimes, our study of virtue shows us how they are related to each other. At the end of every day, we gather together in a closing prayer.


We have a “Virtue of the Month” throughout the year.

Our tutors, who are parents of children in the program, have taken training to assist them in helping parents communicate the new information, skills and virtues that we studied each week. They are amazing at sharing their gifts of joy for learning, and in sharing their love for God. And while not all parents are tutors in the program, all parents are active within the Catholic Schoolhouse chapter each week – serving as aides to the tutors as needed, helping in the nursery, or subbing for tutors as needed. We are all parents, and we are all involved in whatever ways we can be – making the workload of the day lighter, and more enjoyable. In this way, many people refer to our community as a co-op and it’s not a bad example. We work as a community in our shared beliefs in the truths of the Catholic faith and in our goals in becoming saints in heaven one day.

At home, the parents, who are the primary educators of their children, decide how in-depth they will cover the topics with their students. Catholic Schoolhouse is a launching place for piquing interest in a wide variety of topics, while teaching a wide variety of facts across many subject areas.

Each year with our group is filled with blessings, memories, and joy for our individual families and our Catholic Schoolhouse community. God is good.