Green Bay, WI

What CSH is…and is not

Catholic Schoolhouse has a structured Classical, Catholic curriculum that provides a spine for history, language arts, Latin, religion, math, art & science. (You still need to provide your own at-home language arts and math programs.) Some families use the CSH curriculum as their core; others use this as supplemental to their at-home curriculum.
Catholic Schoolhouse publishes a three-year cycle of memory work for your family that is a comprehensive scope and sequence; a foundation to build a true one-room schoolhouse for your family.
Our community is not a drop off program. One parent is required to stay on-site and assist/participate as needed (tutor helper, nursery helper, recess aide and so on). Tutoring is an option based on openings, but is not a requirement of all parents. :) Many families find the community of the chapter as beneficial as the curriculum!
Supplies we ask you to bring for each child that are not provided: a water bottle, art shirt, backpack, lunch, and a simple snack for eating during class snack time.