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A Day in Art Class: Garden Stone

April 25, 2016 | Posted by

Grammar scholars have a 30-minute art class each week. For many scholars, art is their favorite subject at Catholic Schoolhouse! It is easy to see why. The children learn how to create. The scholars learn about a variety of mediums and gain artistic skills. The weekly art projects use a wide variety of materials, and scholars are taught proper techniques.


For Week 20 in Year 2, the project was making garden stones. The scholars took time to view their materials and see samples. The art tutor explained the steps for creating the garden stone. She cautioned them that they could not just put the stones on the wet cement; they needed to first have an idea in their head and then put their idea on paper.


Once their design was complete on paper, then they could create their garden stone. Scholars learned that they needed to promptly add the jewels and colored rocks before it started to dry. Since the scholars were prudent and carefully planned out their design, the project looked like a work of art by the end.  Scholars had a taste of balancing creativity and planning ahead.


The scholars enjoyed making unique designs!


The art projects that are done weekly at Catholic Schoolhouse are quite impressive. The scholars learn a lot! The grammar program flows together beautifully between the subjects, including integrating the history timeline with what artist is studied each week. As a parent, I think we all appreciate the time and care that the art tutor takes to prepare and teach the art project for the week.

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