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Costs for Catholic Schoolhouse Green Bay, 2021-2022

July 16, 2021 | Posted by greenbaywi

You want to make the best decisions for your family, and homeschooling choices are right up there. We want to be as upfront as possible with families about all the potential costs when it comes to being a part of the Catholic Schoolhouse community. Below, you can find the breakdown of the set costs for the year, as well as get a heads up about potential costs.


Family registration fee: $125 per family; a 1 time annual fee
Nursery costs (for children infant to Pre-K): $210 per child/year

Grammar scholar tuition: $250 per child/year
Grammar scholar supply fee: $85 per child/year

Dialectic scholar tuition: $300 per child/year
Dialectic scholar supply fee: $165 per child/year

***A multi-child discount is available: 5th & 6th students get half-price tuition, 7th child and on get free tuition****

Tour II materials costs:

With chapter discounts, Tour II materials are available for purchase at these prices* :

*not all levels and students need all materials; please inquire to see what your family will need

  • Tour II Bundle: Tour Guide, CDs and History Cards – $95
  • Tour guide only – $35
  • History Cards – $36
  • CDs only – $40
  • Science Guide (what grammar & pre-grammar science tutors use) – $34
  • Grammar Art Guide (what grammar & pre-grammar art tutors use) – $43
  • CSH song app – option for those who do not wish to purchase the songs on CD; families purchase on their own via the App store

What are these costs for?

  • Registration fee compensates Catholic Schoolhouse National organization for their Basecamp services, website maintenance, and tutor/director/chapter support, as well as additional development and improvements to the curriculum.
  • Nursery fee compensates the main nursery worker and assists with supplies needed for nursery care (baby wipes, sanitizing spray, basic craft materials).
  • Tuition covers facility rent and insurance costs, tutor & director compensation, substitute tutor gift card compensation, general supply costs, and incidentals, such as special treats on feast days, hospitality, etc.
  • Supply fees go toward purchasing the needed supply for each student for their main level class, as well as their art and science class supplies.

Other Costs?

  • Families are asked to provide each child with a backpack, water bottle, and an old t-shirt for art class. All other classroom supplies are provided from the supply fee (e.g., binder, pencils, glue sticks, many handouts, weekly science experiment supplies, weekly art class supplies, and much more!).
  • Each quarter, we try have an optional “Moms’ Night Out.” These usually take place at a restaurant or cafe. Costs are not covered by the chapter, but by the individual.
  • Each year, we try to have at least optional 1 “Mom and Dad’s Night Out.” Costs incurred are covered by individuals.
  • Each quarter, we will go on an optional field trip. We seek group discounts when possible. Field trips are chosen to reflect what we are learning. For example, when we studied astronomy, we went to the Barlow Planetarium. Each family pays for its own costs to attend.
  • You will need to purchase a Language Arts program and Math program of your choice for each child. Catholic Schoolhouse’s math and language arts memory work will provide a strong base for essential skills in these subjects, but a complete program will be necessary for your child’s current age/grade level (e.g., reading, spelling, writing, math) as you as a parent determine.

If you would like to learn more and/or schedule a visit to one of our chapter days, please contact one of our chapter directors via the Contact Us tab. We’d love to meet you and introduce you to our community/family. :)