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Annual Tuition and Fees for Catholic Schoolhouse Green Bay 2016-2017

May 27, 2016 | Posted by

Annual Tuition for Catholic Schoolhouse Green Bay, 2016-2017

Registration $75.00 per family. Visit to submit registration online; use PayPal or check. This goes to the national Catholic Schoolhouse for providing support for families (e.g., weekly activities on their blog), training tutors, and creating new materials. Please register by May 21, 2016 to guarantee a spot. After May 21, registrations will be accepted if there is space. Please contact the director for more information. No refunds.

Supply Fee $75.00 per registered child. Paid to your local chapter, “Catholic Schoolhouse Green Bay.” The fee is used for art, science and classroom supplies. Families are only responsible for a few outside items (see below). Due by May 31, 2016 for registered families. No refunds.

Tuition  $250.00 per childPaid to your local chapter. Goes entirely to your facility, insurance, tutors, and those who organize the co-op. This is for a 3.5 hour program for 24 weeks, including science experiments, art class, chorus, and academic subjects. Due by July 31, 2016 for registered families. No refunds.

Nursery TBA Once we know how many children will be in the nursery (ages 1-4), we will set the exact fee. We want to keep it as low as possible. It will be approximately $50/quarter per child, plus about a $15 supply fee per child. Nursery fees are paid quarterly. We are currently brainstorming ideas for the children who are 3.5-4 years old. In addition to having free play time, we are considering programs that we can implement (e.g., Making Music, Praying Twice).

Required Materials for Home Use All families need to purchase the following from

  • Year 3 Tour Guide, $28. Grammar I and Grammar II. Required.
  • Year 3 Memory Work CDs, $40. Grammar I and Grammar II. Required.
  • Year 3 Timeline History Cards, $35. Grammar II required. Optional for Grammar I.

Memory Work CDs cover the entire year.

Other Costs? We want to be up front with families about all potential costs to help families make an informed decision.

  • Families are asked to provide each child with a backpack, water bottle, and an old t-shirt for art class. All other classroom supplies are provided from the $75 supply fee (e.g., binder, pencils, glue sticks, many handouts, weekly science experiment supplies, weekly art class supplies, and much more!).
  • Each quarter, we will have an optional “Moms’ Night Out.” We try to choose places where it is free or affordable (e.g., a coffee shop). We will have one “Moms’ and Dads’ Night Out” event.
  • Each quarter, we will go on an optional field trip. We seek group discounts when possible. Field trips are chosen to reflect what we are learning. For example, when we studied astronomy, we went to the Barlow Planetarium.
  • You will need to purchase a Language Arts program and Math program of your choice for each child. Catholic Schoolhouse’s math and language arts memory work will provide a strong base for continued learning of these subjects, but a complete program will be necessary for your child’s current age/grade level (e.g., reading, spelling, writing, math). Dialectic scholars will benefit from a science text book, and other suggestions will be provided, but are not required.

If you are interested in helping with Catholic Schoolhouse, costs can be offset. Please contact the director if you are interested and would like to share your gifts.

Costs at a Glance for Grammar and Dialectic Scholars

# of Scholars per Family Family Registration Supply Fees Tuition Home Materials Total
1 $75 $75 $250 $103 $503
2 $75 $150 $500 $103 $828
3 $75 $225 $750 $103 $1153
4 $75 $300 $1000 $103 $1478
5 $75 $375 $1250 $103 $1803
6 $75 $450 $1500 $103 $2128
7 $75 $525 $1750 $103 $2453
8 $75 $600 $2000 $103 $2778
9 $75 $675 $2250 $103 $3103

Checks for supply fees and tuition should be made out to, “Catholic Schoolhouse Green Bay.”

Tentative Nursery Fees

Please see the table below for the cost of the nursery for 24 sessions. It covers approximately 3 hours of childcare. The childcare room is open from 9:30am-12:50pm, except for a 20-minute lunch. During lunch time, nursery children eat with their parent. The costs below reflect 72 hours of childcare for the year, which is approximately $3/hour per child enrolled. Last year, we were able to afford a rate lower than $50/quarter per child. We will announce the exact cost once we have our list for the nursery finalized. Nursery fees will be collected quarterly. The nursery is a wonderful place for the nursery children to play with toys, make new friends, do a craft project, color, and listen to stories.

# of Nursery Children Supply Fee per Child Cost per Quarter Cost for All Four Quarters
1 $15 $50 $215
2 $30 $100 $430
3 $45 $150 $645