Green Bay, WI

Annual Fees

Cost To Join 2021 – 2022

Chapter media can be purchased from or at a member discount when the director completes a bulk order.

Please contact us with any questions.

This is for a 3.5 hour program for 24 weeks, including science experiments, art class, chorus, and academic subjects.

Nursery ~ $50/quarter, plus about a $20 supply fee.  Nursery fees are paid quarterly.

Checks for Student and supply fees should be made out to “Catholic Schoolhouse Green Bay.”

Other costs. We like to be up front about these “costs” to help each family know what to expect. I think you will find them reasonable!

  • Families are asked to provide for each child a backpack, water bottle, and an old t-shirt for art class, when needed. All other classroom supplies are provided from the above listed $75 supply fee (e.g., binder, pencils, scissors, glue, paper, weekly science experiment supplies, weekly art class supplies,  and much more!).
  • Each quarter, we will have an optional “Moms’ Night Out.” We try to choose places where it is free or affordable (e.g., a coffee shop). This year, we are planning one “Moms’ and Dads’ Night Out” event.
  • Each quarter, we will go on an optional field trip. We seek group discounts when possible. Field trips are chosen to reflect what we are learning in Catholic Schoolhouse.  During the 2015-2016 year, we studied ancient Greece and Rome and astronomy. We attended a talk by a local expert about ancient civilizations. We also went to the Barlow planetarium and learned about the solar system.

Please contact us with any questions!