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A Look Inside Our Year!

March 23, 2016 | Posted by

We would love to share with you some of the fun and amazing learning experiences we are having this year!

During a field trip, the scholars learned about ancient Greece and Rome. They had an opportunity to try on some attire similar to what ancient Greeks and Romans wore!

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We were blessed to hear Dr. Gregory Aldrete speak about ancient times. Dr. Aldrete is a professor from UW-Green Bay and is also known for his Great Courses and research with students on ancient linen armor used in battle. Here are some amazing videos about his work: and


During the co-op, scholars enjoy weekly activities to help them learn the memory work:


Scholars learn to quickly point to continents, oceans, lines of latitude, lines of longitude, equator, and the prime meridian.

During science, grammar scholars experience hands-on activities and demonstrations.


Scholars learned about atoms and bonds by using tooth picks and marshmallows.

Our tutors use a variety of visual aids to assist scholars in learning the memory work.



Scholars learn the names of the Chinese dynasties in the comprehensive history timeline.

During the Year 2 cycle, scholars learn the basics of playing the recorder.


Recorder lessons

Content is made age-appropriate. The youngest scholars, ages 4-6, are taught the memory work in a different way than our older scholars. The tutors carefully create their lessons keeping in mind the ages and interests of their scholars.


Grammar class for ages 4-6.

Babies are always welcome at our co-op!


The youngest children take naps during the co-op when needed.

The scholars and nursery children look forward to the co-op. It’s a joyful highlight in everyone’s week!